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About Us

At Practical Training, we pride ourselves on delivering approved safety and skills training courses. Our courses are designed to provide practical, real-world skills and knowledge, ensuring that every trainee not only understands safety principles but can also apply them effectively in their workplace.

Online Courses

TAMS Farm Safety Course: 

An online comprehensive safety training tailored for the agricultural sector, focusing on effective strategies to prevent farm accidents and hazards.


Why Choose Practical Training?

Selecting Practical Training means choosing excellence in safety training that meets the highest standards. Our approved Safe Pass courses ensure that you receive not only comprehensive training but also recognized certification. Our range of on-site and online courses makes acquiring essential safety education convenient and accessible for all.

Our commitment

Practical Training is committed to empowering professionals with approved safety courses, designed to foster a safer, more efficient work environment. Whether it’s our on-site Safe Pass courses in Wexford, Enniscorthy, New Ross, Wicklow, or our versatile online training options, we are here to support your journey towards enhanced workplace safety. Join us for expertly crafted safety training that makes a difference.