About Us

A gold standard for workplace safety and health.

Run and owned by John Breen, the company has guided multitudes of individuals and companies in incorporating health and safety standards and management systems. Providing you with specialised training courses and solutions, we offer you extensive resources for advancement in workplace safety and employee wellbeing.

Since its inception, the company has campaigned ceaselessly to ensure the highest grade of health and safety standards and principles. Practical Training has directed numerous successful organisations and small and medium-sized firms. From a compliance perspective, we focus on meeting the safety requirements of each company.

Our mission

Practical Training works in close collaboration with companies to ensure their wellbeing and comprehensive training. We are on the mission to provide training courses for up-skilling the expertise and skillset of a small and medium-sized business. From practical guidance to maximising benefits, our skill-based learning program offers a wide range of structured solutions and courses.

Our vision

Our role is to help you in accomplishing the highest standards of health and safety while upgrading the skill set of the workforce. With the right training course and safety management systems, we aim to equip you with the right set of standards and enforcement skills. Employing all our resources, we work tirelessly to help you attract more investments and build a better business environment.

Our values

Offering you a range of guidance and courses, we work with people of all levels and organisations of every category. With pioneering ideas and tailored solutions of our experts, we are striving to transform the business environment through trained workforce and better standards:

  • When you worry about safety legislations, we assure you with complete compliance.
  • When you have skillsets to upgrade, we partner-up for thorough training
  • When you have people to keep safe and healthy, we devise the right plans and systems for you.
  • When you want to implement the safety solution, we help you do it successfully.
  • When you have multiple ways to improve standards, we map out the right direction.
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