Abrasive Wheel Training

Practical Training & Workplace Safety

Abrasive Wheel Training

Time Commitment
3 to 4 Hours


On-site at our training location

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Abrasive Wheel Training

Make your construction site/workshop accident-proof with our paramount practices: 

Abrasive Wheel Training

If your work routine involves working with abrasive wheels, the chances of facing an accident are quite high, which usually happens due to operator errors and unsafe practices. Our abrasive wheel training course allows you to make effective and safe use of this highly useful equipment. The course is specifically designed for workers who often use this equipment and educate them about the safe and correct operation of abrasive wheels.

The course comes with a certification that conforms to the expertise and knowledge of the individual. The course also includes a detailed discussion about the use of the abrasive wheel.


Who is the target audience? 

Abrasive training skills can be adapted to many work environments from farmers, construction operatives, garages, supervisors and managers. The course also covers the needs of the workers who are required to employ the operative benefits of abrasive wheels such as angle grinder, con saw and chop saw.


Course objectives: 

This course is designed to help workers and employers comply with the legal requirement before using Abrasive wheels in the workplace. This Practical Training course helps the workers understand the severity and nature of hazards and the danger of abrasive wheel accidents and risks. The course aims at enabling the workers to comprehend the characteristics, actions, and operative requirements of abrasive wheels. From RPM speed adherence to the type of wheel selection, the course helps the workers to identify and understand the main components and functions.

In advanced stages, the course also includes visual checks to help the worker recognise proper handling methods and care operations. It also educates the workers about the operating precautions and ways to avoid ending up a hazardous condition. Our tutors/trainers train the workers to carry out proper and regular maintenance of abrasive wheels and petrol-powered machines and various equipment.


Course delivery:

The course is generally theory-based but includes practical demonstration and practising sessions. The course makes sure that each worker is aware and trained to operate the abrasive wheel safely without being a danger to the co-worker and themselves. The course finished with a practical assessment and theory test.


Course length:

2 to 3 hours