Manual Handling Course

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Time Commitment
3 to 4 Hours

Manual Handling


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Manual Handling Course

Comprehensive handling and risk assessment: 

Manual Handling Course

The course is put together to provide the employees and construction operatives with proper knowledge and expertise in manual handling. The course has been developed for employees and workers responsible for shifting, moving and transporting materials by hands. It also prepares the employees to be aware of the importance of risk assessments and figure out the hazards of a particular manual handling practice.

Being competent enough to carry out manual handling tasks is a legal requirement and essential for the safety and wellbeing of all workers and employees. Since mishandling of manual tasks is one of the primary causes of injury in the construction industry, retail and office workplaces, this course teaches you how to stay safe and perform tasks in an injury-free environment.


Who is the targeted audience?

The course is usually taken by workers and employees of construction and other workplaces where employees are more prone to lifelong or chronic injuries. All the workers and employees of construction sites are encouraged to take part in this course. The course is targeted to but not limited to occupations such as office workers, agricultural workers, general operatives, warehouse and factory staff and building site workers.


Course objectives: 

The course offers crucial information about training and potential risks related to manual handling. It coaches the employees and workers about proper risk assessment and necessary control measures as the course helps reinforce comprehensive learning and understanding of manual handling risks.


Course delivery: 

The course is delivered through videos, downloadable resources and diagrams. While ensuring compliance with the health and safety legislation, the course develops awareness about lone working and ways to control the related risks. This course concluded with a practical assessment and a written test.  

Course length: 

3 to 4 hours