Safe Pass Course
Wexford & Wicklow

Safe Pass Course

The purpose of this course is to raise awareness about the safety and health standards of the construction industry. The course is aimed at ensuring the wellbeing and protection of construction workers. This one-day course includes proper instruction and guidance for the proper protection of workers and contributes to the prevention of accidents and risk management.

Safe pass course is a general awareness program that provides comprehensive safety information and enables every worker to carry out their tasks and duties safely and successfully. The participants who are able to finish the course will be eligible for a safe card registration card.

Who is the target audience? 

The course is developed to train and educate the craft and general construction workers which also include individuals assigned for the task of on-site security. The program is necessary to raise awareness about the dangers and risks of a construction site. The safe pass card ensures that the workers will not be a danger or threat to co-workers and themselves.

Course objectives: 

The objective of the course is to ensure that every employed worker has a basic knowledge of safety standards and measures. The governing laws and rules of the construction industry bound every worker to have a safe card pass for ensuring the safety of others and themselves, including both the trainee and apprentice.

Course delivery: 

The course is delivered in highly interaction fashion with active participation with the people attending. The employer is also responsible for allowing the workers time-off of their duties so that they can be educated about the safety and health guidelines. The course is usually theory-based and delivered via attendance at our centre. The course concludes with a short written assessment. On successful completion of the safe pass course, attendees will be eligible for the safe pass, which is valid up to four years.

Course length: 

One day