TAMS Farm Safety Course​​

Practical Training & Workplace Safety


TAMS Farm Safety

Time Commitment
3 to 4 Hours


DAFM Approved

TAMS Farm Safety Course

The course complies with the requirement for government grant applications and provides a comprehensive overview of the possible risks, hazards and accidents common to agricultural farm and rural businesses. The course is critical for keeping the workers and farmers safe and healthy at the workplace while giving them an accident-free environment. The training course must comply with the safety and health regulations and legislations in order to satisfy the requirements and needs of the learners. 

Who is the targeted audience? 

The course is designed for farmers and worker associated with agricultural work and business. The course is offered to livestock farmers, poultry farmers, horticultural workers and miscellaneous farming workers.

Course objectives: 

This course is based on the farming safety code of practice. The objective of the course is to deliver comprehensive information regarding health and safety legislation. It also educates the farmers and workers about the practical and efficacious methodologies to avoid and reduce farm accidents and hazards. 

Course delivery: 

The course is based on different learning document and materials. The practice documents are provided within the duration of the course. Every participant is awarded a certificate of completion and a training letter of achievement upon successful completion of the course. Certifications last five years.

Course length:

3 to 4 hours

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