Working at Heights Course

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Working at Heights

1 Day

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Working at Heights​ Course

Working at Heights​ Course

The objective of the course is to make the construction sites accident-proof and safe for the workers. The course is targeted at protecting the company and its employees through approved height training programs. The course will equip your workers and employees with the right skills and knowledge required for dealing with fall accident and safe working practices. The program enables the employees and workers to learn and apply safe practices for effective, efficient and secure height operations.

The course is designed to meet all the industry requirements and needs of the learners. It educates the employees about maintenance, use and implementation of protection systems and equipment to carry out the height operation successfully.


Who is the targeted audience? 

The course is taken by employees, workers, supervisors and managers of a construction project. The course enables them to work safely at heights. If your project at a construction site requires working with the travel restraint system, fall restricting system, safety net and belt, then you need to offer this course to your workers and employees to alleviate chances of fall hazards and accidents.


Course objectives: 

The objective of the course is to provide the workers with real-life training environment to help them understand the importance of this course. The course helps the workers in recognising and employing the right preventive measure. The course educates the workers about different protection measures necessary to undertake while working at heights. It also includes emergency procedures and rescue initiatives required for saving a suspended worker.


Course delivery:

The course offers both theoretical and practical knowledge and usage of a wide variety of equipment and tools needed for successful implementation of height operations. From the inspection and cleaning of tools to safely dismantle and storage of equipment, the course covers every aspect. In general, the course is offered to workers who work on telecom and energy towers or derricks and similar lattice structures.

Course length: 

One day